Homeowners Insurance Tips For Protecting Your Home During Thanksgiving

Protect Your Home While Entertaining Or Traveling During The Holiday

The holidays are quickly approaching and plans are being made now as to who will be hosting who, who will bring which covered dishes and who will bring the desserts and drinks. Do you have older family members that are coming this year? Aunts and uncles and cousins that you have not seen for more then a year? How about small children…will you be hosting to many children?

With entertaining also comes the safety value. There is an inherent risk whenever you have people over especially during the holidays when there is lots of cooking going on and the hype of family members who have not seen each other in a very long time. We encourage homeowners to check their homeowners policy to review their coverage before guests begin to arrive. Below are some general guidelines we recommend when hosting for the holidays to protect yourself from a homeowners insurance claim:

1) keep kitchen clear of a lot of people, especially with a hot stove or oven
2) consider putting down mats on the tile floor of your kitchen to reduce slippery areas should water or oily foods spill
3) check your chairs where people will be eating, are they sturdy or are there wobbly legs?
4) if you have a table with leafs that you insert be sure they are securely inserted so you don’t lose half your table during dinner
5) remove or lock up medicines and prescription drugs if you have such items in your bathroom medicine cabinets…little wandering children could have a “hay-day” and think it’s candy when nobody is looking!
6) do you have throw rugs in your home? You may consider picking these up while entertaining to avoid a trip hazard
7) do you have electrical cords running outside your home in what could be “high traffic” areas? You may consider winding these up just while you have guests over
8) steps to get in and out of your home – are they wood? Are the panels nailed down? Do you need additional strips of the non-slip adhesive?
9) consider where people are parking, is it easy for more senior guests to make their way up your driveway into your home?
10) do you own a pool? Do you have a net over it or a gate around it? If you (the homeowner) do not have small children that you have to protect your pool this is something you will need to consider. Guests bringing small children may not think about your pool and safety seeing that we are out of Summer and into cooler weather. Have a plan for your pool don’t let it be accessible to small children who may not be able to swim

For those who are traveling this Thanksgiving holiday be cautious of how much you publicize your travel plans, don’t put your home in jeopardy of being broken into. So many people take to social media to announce their travel plans, they post instantly when they are at the airport and what time their flight leaves. This is an open invitation for crooks to have a hay-day in your home at your expense. We recommend taking to the social networks after you return then post your photos. Nothing good can be gained by telling the world that you have locked your home and are gone for an extended period of time. Protect your valuables and keep your travel plans quiet. Here are some tips to protecting your home while you’re away:

1) set lights on timers
2) tip your shades
3) stop your mail
4) if you have a gate – close it
5) alert your closer neighbors you will be traveling
6) don’t post to social networks
7) keep a car or two parked outside of your garage
8) hang curtains in your garage that nobody can see through
9) leave a radio on for noise
10) don’t leave your trash cans at the curb if you’re leaving on trash day – leaving them out for extended periods of time can clue people in that you are not home

We hope you are safe this Thanksgiving holiday. Protect yourself and your home and think twice before entertaining or traveling.