College kids Living on their own?

Renters Insurance gives you peace of mind

Do you have a college age student that has moved into his or her own apartment? Do you know that most landlord’s insurance doesn’t cover the personal belongings of your college age student if something happens such as a burglary? Gulf Coast Educators Insurance offers a renter insurance policy to help protect your college age student.

A renters insurance policy is an affordable way to have peace of mind. A renters insurance policy helps protect belongings such as furniture, clothing, televisions, computers, and jewelry that our commonly in an apartment. A policy can also include liability coverage which could come in handy if someone is injured in the apartment. Events covered by the policy vary but could include:

• Theft
• Lightning
• Fire or smoke damage
• Accidental water damage
• High winds or hail

Approximately 33% of people currently have a renters insurance policy. Common reasons that we hear for not carrying renters insurance include: it is too expensive, it isn’t needed, or it’s not important. Gulf Coast Educators Insurance wants you to know that renters insurance is a very affordable option. It is an important insurance to have in case of a catastrophe.

Could you afford to replace the contents of an apartment? Renters insurance is needed in the event of an emergency. We hope that you never have to deal with a fire, theft, or other catastrophe at your apartment, however, isn’t it better to have insurance coverage than to be wondering how you are going to live and how you are going to pay to replace the contents of your apartment.

Gulf Coast Educators Insurance is affordable and most policies cost less than a dollar a day. For a rental insurance quote, please contact any of our three Southwest Florida locations. To reach our agents at the Naples office, please call 239-591-0963. Our Port Charlotte agents can be reached at 941-391-5423. To speak with an agent at our Fort Myers office, please call 239-997-0420. We look forward to helping you with all of your renters insurance needs. Please call us today!