Homeowners Insurance For First Time Homeowners

Congratulations, you are buying your first home!

One important consideration when buying a home is to make sure that you have adequate homeowners insurance coverage. Gulf Coast Educators Insurance offers a variety of homeowners insurance policies at competitive rates. Our experienced insurance agents can walk you through a homeowners insurance policy and help you find the perfect coverage for you and your family. We offer great savings on homeowners insurance.

Home insurance policies cover both the exterior and interior of your home. Our insurance agents will need to know what type of home you are buying, how your home was constructed, the square footage of your home, the year your home was built, and where your home is located. Our seasoned insurance agents can explain all of the different aspects of a home owners insurance policy such as what a deductible is, what liability coverage consists of, replacement cost, and actual cash value. Our agents can also discuss adding riders to your homeowners insurance policy to cover specific items such as jewelry.

First time home owners are often unaware that there are certain factors that can make a home more expensive to insure. For example, owning a trampoline or pool can increase the cost of your homeowners insurance policy. A bad credit score, living in a high crime area, and living in a flood zone can also be factors in a higher homeowners insurance policy.

Gulf Coast Educators Insurance is the best agency for insurance in Southwest Florida. We offer three offices to help serve you. Our main insurance office is located in Naples and we have two branch offices in Port Charlotte and Ft. Myers, Florida. Our expert insurance agents provide experience and knowledge to help you choose a homeowners insurance policy that will meet your coverage needs.

Please contact any of our three offices for a competitive home insurance quote. To reach our Naples office, please call 239-591-0963. Our Port Charlotte insurance agents can be reached at 941-391-5423. To contact our Ft. Myers insurance agents, please call 239-997-0420. We are here to help you get the best home owners insurance policy! Follow us on our Facebook page too!

Halloween Home Protection

Protect Your Home On Halloween

Will you be home on Halloween? Protect your investment and leave some lights on! Trick or treaters nationwide will hit neighborhoods for treats galore, will you answer your door? We have some tips for you if you choose not to participate and answer your door:

1) don’t leave your porch light on – usually this indicates that you are welcoming trick or treaters
2) do park a car in the driveway so it looks like somebody is home
3) leave interior lights on and television on so it appears people are home in the event you are not
4) if you do welcome trick or treaters be sure to keep your family pets inside, don’t let your dog(s) be the first to greet

One option is to sit in your driveway and greet your Halloween guests and pass out candy. Maybe make it a neighborhood affair!

One note of caution is if you have Halloween decor and any electrical decorations keep the cords away from where guests will walk. Avoid trip hazards! The holidays are coming fast and furious so take care and take proper safety measures to protect your home! If you need home insurance help or a free quote please feel free to contact one of our three insurance offices in Southwest Florida. All of our insurance agents can answer your questions and give you the best home insurance quote. Contact us today and let us protect your home!