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Life Insurance and Baby Boomers

How Healthy Is Your Life Insurance?

If you’re a Baby Boomer when was the last time you reviewed your life insurance policy?

Baby boomers are those that were born between 1946 and 1964. Currently, approximately 20% of the United States are a member of the baby boomer generation. Baby boomers are living longer and staying in the work force longer then generations before them. Gulf Coast Educators Insurance recommends that baby boomers take a look at their life insurance policy and see if it still meets their needs.

Life insurance is important to have since it can help lift a financial burden off of family members when a person dies. Baby boomers have usually accumulated a home, money, jewelry, stocks/bonds, real estate, artwork or real estate that will be passed down to family or friends. If there is a great deal of wealth then family members could face an estate tax and/or inheritance tax. A life insurance policy can help family members pay those taxes.

Baby boomers might also have debt that will be passed down to family members. A life insurance policy can ease the financial burden of debt. Credit card bills, car payments, and funeral costs will all need to be paid after a person’s death. A life insurance policy provides funding to cover these expenses.

Gulf Coast Educators Insurance offers an array of life insurance products. There are many different options of life insurance available including:

•Term insurance
•Whole life insurance
•Universal life insurance

Life insurance needs might change. A life insurance review is recommended by Gulf Coast Educators Insurance to see if your current policy is still meeting your needs. We have three southwest Florida insurance office locations available to help with your life insurance needs. To speak with an insurance agent at our Naples office, please call 239-591-0963. For an appointment with an agent at our Port Charlotte office, please call 941-391-5423. To reach an agent at the Fort Myers office, call 239-997-0420. Our experienced insurance agents are available at all three of our locations to help you decide which type of life insurance products best fits your needs. Please give us a call today!

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Looking For The Best Life Insurance?

Affordable Policies In Naples, Port Charlotte and Ft. Myers

Which To Choose?

Term life or whole life insurance?

A life insurance policy offers protection for family members or a spouse as well as being able to provide financial coverage for funeral costs, cover bills, and pay off debt. Gulf Coast Educators Insurance offers a variety of life insurance products. The two most common policies are term life insurance and whole life insurance.

More about Term and Whole Insurance:

Term life insurance is a policy that covers a person for an allotted time period. The rate of payment is fixed for the term of the policy. After the policy expires, then a person loses coverage or has to obtain a new life insurance policy that will have different payments and conditions. Term insurance is the most affordable type of life insurance because it only lasts for a fixed period of time. If the person insured dies during the policy term then the beneficiary receives the death benefits.

Whole life insurance is a insurance policy that remains in force during the insured’s entire life. This policy offers lifetime protection. Premiums are required every year during the insured’s lifetime. A whole insurance policy doesn’t have to be expensive.

Life insurance can help a family pay off debt, keep the family in the black, and pay for funeral costs. Gulf Coast Educators Insurance suggests having a life insurance policy to ease financial burdens that can occur due to an untimely death. Even single people should consider carrying a policy so in the event of their death, their family can use the life insurance payout to cover funeral costs, medical bills, and pay off the insured’s debt obligations.

The best time to purchase life insurance is when you are young and healthy so you will pay a lower rate. Purchasing life insurance at any age is a good idea so don’t feel because you didn’t buy a policy earlier you should not consider it now. At any age we recommend considering life insurance. Our caring and compassionate agents at Gulf Coast Educators Insurance are available to guide you through the various life insurance policy choices and customize a policy to your needs. Please call any of our three life insurance offices to speak with our experienced agents. To contact our Naples office, please call 239-591-0963. To speak with an agent at our Port Charlotte office, please call 941-391-5423. Our Fort Myers insurance agents can be reached at 239-997-0420. We invite you to call today!