Entertaining Can Take A Toll On Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

So how do you protect yourself when entertaining or throwing a simple backyard birthday party? Or how about Grandma’s 80th birthday party? What about a neighborhood block party? If you are hosting parties of this nature (or any party) at your home you may want to consider reviewing your homeowners insurance policy to check for coverage should somebody get hurt while at your home for a party.

A simple backyard pool party can turn deadly if the homeowner does not take precautions. How many times have you gone to a children’s birthday party where there is a pool and there is not one designated person monitoring the pool? Your answer is probably most often. This is generally the case. Parents get relaxed usually because there are so many other adults around that surely somebody else also has their eyes on the kids. Typically this is not the case. Parents get talking, socializing, distracted by their text messages and before you know it a child who can’t swim is at the bottom of the swimming pool. This problem can be solved by the homeowners assigning or hiring a lifeguard. A babysitter that can swim would be the easiest way out of this situation. Hiring somebody to guard the pool is one of the best ways to protect your guests and your homeowners policy. Even though it may be all friends at your party, friends can and do sue their friends so protect yourself.

If you elect to have a pony party, bounce house, tent rental company, magician or clown at your party we recommend you check their insurance. Not all vendors carry insurance and those that do, some of them may not have a current policy. Like any builder or contractor doing work on your property you would ask for proof of insurance. Our homeowners insurance agents at Gulf Coast Educators Insurance highly recommend you check the liability insurance policy for any party vendor that sets foot on your property. Be sure to get a copy of their liability insurance policy and check the date to make sure it’s current. If you suspect fraudulent insurance try calling the phone number on the insurance copy the vendor gave you to check it’s validity and make sure the vendor has current insurance.

To further protect yourself from being sued you may consider having all of your guests sign a release waiver if you are renting a bounce house. This release will simply state that you, the homeowner, is not responsible for any accidents. The moonwalk rental company may have a standard release waiver you can get a copy of and use at your home. If you are not renting a commercial bounce house but you have purchased one, we recommend having your guests sign a waiver of release.

Catering companies also should be considered for insurance purposes. If you are hosting a party at your home we recommend you ask the caterer for proof of liability insurance. To further protect yourself you may consider having your menu item ingredients on a sheet readily available so your guests with allergies will be aware. You may also ask your caterer how they typically handle food allergies. Even though all of your guests may be close friends we strongly advise our clients to take extra precautions when it comes to serving food to people with allergies.

At Gulf Coast Educators Insurance we are now offering event insurance. If you are entertaining or hosting a large celebration at your home such as a block party, a wedding, family reunion, high school graduation or any event you may want to consider such a policy to protect yourself. Accidents do happen. In the event of a mishap you want to protect your home and your assets.

If you are a business owner and you will be entertaining customers, our event insurance can also protect you and your business. If your business is hosting an after hours event, a festival, open house, party or any sort of gathering you may want to consider event insurance. Our insurance agents at Gulf Coast Educators Insurance will guide you on the particulars for event insurance whether you are a homeowner or a business owner looking to host an event our team will guide you on coverage. There are options for the limits of protection so it’s best to talk with us so in the event you do purchase our event insurance policy you purchase the right amount of coverage.

When we meet with you we will discuss how much event insurance will cost and what the policy will cover. If you are curious about our special event insurance don’t hesitate to call us. Visit our contact page for our phone numbers for insurance in Naples, Port Charlotte and Ft. Myers.