Flood Insurance

Flood insurance in Florida is crucial as most homeowners policies do not provide flood coverage. Some individuals believe they don’t need this type of insurance in Florida because federal disaster assistance will cover any damage, however, floods are not always a disaster and can be a result of broken sewer lines or a rainstorm.

Insurance will pay for all covered losses, and unlike federal assistance loans, the money doesn’t have to be paid back. Don’t wait for insurance rates to move as an impending disaster nears because there’s a 30 day waiting period before your policy will kick into effect.

flood insurance
Don’t wait for insurance rates to move as an impending disaster nears. There is a 30 day waiting period before a this type of insurance policy becomes effective.

Our agents will work with you to help you determine how much coverage you may need. In the event of a flood, your policy covers direct physical losses to your structure and belongings. Part of their guidance will be to determine your flood risk according to a flood map as determined by FEMA.

If you live in an area with low or moderate flood risk, you are 5 times more likely to experience flood than a fire in your home over the next 30 years. No home is completely safe from potential flooding. When just one inch of water in a home can cost more than $25,000 in damage, flood insurance can be the difference between recovery and financial devastation. Contact our insurance specialists today for coverage and guidance. You can reach us at 239-591-0963 (Naples office) or 239-931-5316 (Ft. Myers office.) If you’d like a complimentary quote, click here.