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Event Insurance

Best Event Insurance

Gulf Coast Educators Insurance offer event insurance for businesses and homeowners. Event insurance is a general liability insurance policy that will protect you should an injury occur in your place of business or at your home when you are hosting a special gathering.

Businesses often host ribbon cuttings, company picnics, open houses, on-site exhibits and after hours events for consumers and their employees. Having an event insurance policy will protect the business owner should an attendee get injured or have an accident while attending your celebration at your business.

A homeowner can also purchase event insurance for parties, weddings, anniversary parties, birthday parties and pretty much any occasion they may be hosting in their home. Injuries can happen when you host a gathering. With our event insurance coverage we can protect you from loss if you are sued from an accident that occurs in your home.

We can help you if you are looking for:

-event insurance for nonprofits
-coverage for a wedding
-event insurance for vendors
-liability insurance for parties
-insurance for celebrations
-event insurance for business owners
-insurance for homeowners

If you are considering hosting a gathering at your home or place of business and are not sure if you need event insurance we invite you to call us at any of our three Southwest Insurance offices. It would be advised to learn more about the best event insurance coverage to protect you should an accident or injury occur. For more information we invite you to call us in Naples at 239-591-0963, Port Charlotte at 941-391-5423 or in Ft. Myers at 239-931-5316.

We offer the best event insurance money can buy!