Support Schools Through Donors Choose!

Horace Mann and Donors Choose Team Up To Provide Funding For Classroom Projects

Horace Mann has supported educators for more than 65 years. They have become a national sponsor of a not-for-profit organization that connects teachers with donors who want to help fund classroom projects, technologies and equipment. State funding has dwindled over the years and many teachers are buying classroom project supplies with their personal money. Horace Mann is a national sponsor of the Donor’s Choose program. Through this partnership public school teachers are connected with outside community sponsors who will donate money to fund classroom projects.

Horace Mann and Donors Choose Team Up

How does it work?

Teachers register with, submit a project that describes what material is needed and how students will be impacted. Donors from around the country can then choose to support it. Once the project is fully funded, teachers and students write “thank you” messages to donors to show their appreciation.

What type of projects can be submitted? has helped teachers fund a variety of projects – from staplers to bookshelves to books to projectors, and everything in between. Project requests can vary but all have a common theme – all help students succeed in the classroom.

How do you get started?

Go to and follow the directions

Take a look at our YouTube video on this program: