Homeowners Insurance For First Time Homeowners

Congratulations, you are buying your first home!

One important consideration when buying a home is to make sure that you have adequate homeowners insurance coverage. Gulf Coast Educators Insurance offers a variety of homeowners insurance policies at competitive rates. Our experienced insurance agents can walk you through a homeowners insurance policy and help you find the perfect coverage for you and your family. We offer great savings on homeowners insurance.

Home insurance policies cover both the exterior and interior of your home. Our insurance agents will need to know what type of home you are buying, how your home was constructed, the square footage of your home, the year your home was built, and where your home is located. Our seasoned insurance agents can explain all of the different aspects of a home owners insurance policy such as what a deductible is, what liability coverage consists of, replacement cost, and actual cash value. Our agents can also discuss adding riders to your homeowners insurance policy to cover specific items such as jewelry.

First time home owners are often unaware that there are certain factors that can make a home more expensive to insure. For example, owning a trampoline or pool can increase the cost of your homeowners insurance policy. A bad credit score, living in a high crime area, and living in a flood zone can also be factors in a higher homeowners insurance policy.

Gulf Coast Educators Insurance is the best agency for insurance in Southwest Florida. We offer three offices to help serve you. Our main insurance office is located in Naples and we have two branch offices in Port Charlotte and Ft. Myers, Florida. Our expert insurance agents provide experience and knowledge to help you choose a homeowners insurance policy that will meet your coverage needs.

Please contact any of our three offices for a competitive home insurance quote. To reach our Naples office, please call 239-591-0963. Our Port Charlotte insurance agents can be reached at 941-391-5423. To contact our Ft. Myers insurance agents, please call 239-997-0420. We are here to help you get the best home owners insurance policy! Follow us on our Facebook page too!

Homeowners Insurance Policy Holder Tips

Are you a snowbird getting ready to pack up your northern home and head south? Here are some pointers on how to secure your northern home and prepare your southern home for your winter visit.

Before leaving your home up north, you should consider these things:
1)Establish a way of paying your bills (electronically, forwarding your mail, or automatic payments are all good options)

2)Have a neighbor or hire someone to periodically check on your home. Have them check to make sure that all is in order and that nothing has happened such as a broken pipe, leaking roof, or a break-in.

3)Make sure that your lawn/landscaping is maintained. Overgrown grass or piled up snow are a sure sign that your home is unoccupied. You don’t want to leave an open invitation to burglars.

4)Consider investing in an alarm system. Make sure that the alarm system is armed and that authorized people have the codes to disarm the system.

5)Have your mail forwarded to your southern locale.

6)Check your insurance policies. Do you need to update your policy to include your other home? Does your auto insurance policy need to be altered to include the extended miles that you will be traveling?

7) Before you leave your northern home check your exterior lighting – do you have motion sensors? Do they look broken from the outside? A burglar will see this and know they don’t work, you could be a target

8) Check your roof before you leave your northern home – make sure gutters (if you have them) are secure and your roof is “intact” – no shingles are lifted. You could come home in the Spring to find that your roof is leaking.

9)After you have arrived at your other home away from home, make sure to double check and see if the condition of your southern home is still up to par. Are all of the windows and doors still locked? Are your belongings still there? Has there been any sign of burglary?

10)Make sure that there are no unwanted pests such as bugs, stinging insects, or termites in your home.

11)Check to see if you there are any signs of water damage. Do you see or smell any mold?

12)Have the roof checked to make sure that there are no leaks. Florida has experienced a very rainy season this past summer and it could have effected your roof.

If you notice any of the above mishaps, contact your insurance agent. These mishaps might be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. Our experienced insurance agents are ready to assist you with all of your homeowner’s insurance needs.

We offer three convenient locations in Southwest Florida. We have homeowners insurance offices in Naples, Ft. Myers, and Port Charlotte. You can contact us at any of our three offices. For Naples, please call: 239-591-0963. The Ft. Myers office can be reached at: 239-997-0420. To reach our Port Charlotte office, please call: 941-391-5423. We look forward to serving you!

Protect your Home against Flooding

Flooding is the most common natural disaster worldwide. Protecting your home against flooding and flood damage is very important. Flood damage can get very expensive but the prevention of flooding is far less expensive. Ask yourself this, would you rather help prevent flooding or deal with the consequences later? There are many different things in your home that you should check to prevent flooding, whether from the weather or from pipes located in or around your home.
Leaking pipes in your home are an easy flooding disaster. You should check under sinks, this includes every sink not just the kitchen, to make sure that there are not any slow drips; if there are it could cause flooding. Any slow drips could result in a burst at any time. These small drips should be fixed. Also, your washer machine hose is something that should be changed every three to five years. A bulge or fray in the hose could also cause a flooding problem. A great way to check if you have any leaking pipes anywhere around your home is to check your water meter and to not use any water for an hour, go back and check the meter if the meter reader has changed a leaking pipe maybe be the culprit. You should also know where the water shut off valve is and make sure it is operational.
Even with all the water sources in your home to check you should also be aware of the water that comes from the sky. Outside your home you should check roofs and gutters. Leaking roofs can cause significant damage to the inside of your home and should be fixed immediately. If you do not fix the leaks it could cause mold to grow in your home. When inspecting your roof you should check the shingles for cracks or even broken ones. If you get a new roof put on your home, you should ask for extra protection, you can get a rubber underlay as a waterproof barrier to protect your home from intruding water. You can also keep tree branches cut back from excessively rubbing the shingles. If you don’t already have gutters on your home it would be a good idea to install. They will carry water away from your house so it does not sit. If you have gutters, you should ensure they are free of debris. The debris can build up causing damage.
Although there are many different ways to prevent flooding or flood damage these are few to take into consideration. Just remember that flooding can be caused by more than just rain, but leaky pipes as well.