A Home Inventory Check List

A Home Inventory Check List is important in the Case of Fire or Theft

A home inventory check list is very important. In the event of theft or fire your valuables should be in check. Did you know in 2011 there were 364,500 residential fires, which is almost 1,000 fires a day. The total loss is more than $6.65 billion. In the event of a fire in your home, an inventory check list would save a precious time and get your claim filed in a timely manner.

It would be almost impossible to figure out what is missing and destroyed in your home after a theft or fire. You would be stressed and in shock after the loss of your property and you might miss the most important items. If you make an inventory list of your home before anything happens you would have a complete list of everything in your home that is important to you.

It takes some time to make take proper inventory of your home. If you have never made an inventory list of your valuables it is easy and here is how. Use a video recorder and walk around your house, take a video of everything; get up close to everything of importance such as televisions or jewelry. Use the video to go back and take the inventory. Probably the easiest way to take down your inventory is to use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Take pictures of everything on your spreadsheet including all serial numbers and model numbers. If you receive a gift of value remember to update your spreadsheet so nothing is forgotten. Put the inventory spreadsheet in your email account or somewhere similar so no one can steal your information.

Start your inventory spreadsheet today. It will save you time and money if anything ever happens to your home.