New School Year Means Fresh Look At Your Retirement

How Healthy Is Your Retirement?

School is back in swing and a fresh new school year is starting. This is the perfect time to review your savings plan for retirement and make sure that you are on track. If you don’t have a retirement savings plan, then Gulf Coast Educators Insurance wants you to be aware of the options that we offer. Our insurance experts are here to help guide you towards the best option for your retirement and savings.

At Gulf Coast Educators Insurance, we offer the option of investing in annuities. An annuity is a form of investment that provides payments to an individual once the annuity has matured. Annuities have two options: fixed annuities and indexed annuities.

A fixed annuity guarantees that you make a stated rate of interest on your investment. This annuity is not tied to the stock market and is guaranteed. It is a risk free type of investment since your investment will not fluctuate due to the stock market. With a fixed annuity, you can opt for an immediate or a deferred annuity. With a fixed annuity, you can usually withdraw up to 10% yearly without having to pay an early withdrawal penalty. To learn more about a fixed annuity, contact one of our knowledgeable and experienced insurance agents at any of our three southwest Florida locations: Naples, Port Charlotte, or Fort Myers. The Naples office can be reached at 239-591-0963. To reach our Port Charlotte office, please call 941-391-5423. To speak with an agent in our Fort Myers office, please call 239-997-0420.

An indexed annuity offers a return on your investment based on a specified equity-based index. The stock index will vary over time so there is a limited risk with this investment though it could end up being in your favor. To learn more about this type of annuity, please call one of our agents at the numbers above.

An IRA, individual retirement account, is another option for investing in your future. A Roth IRA lets you withdraw you money tax free. You pay the taxes prior to putting your money into a Roth IRA. There is a limit on the amount of money you can put in your Roth IRA every year. This IRA option also allows you to leave your money in your account for as long as you like. This plan offers more options than a traditional IRA. For all of the details about a Roth IRA, please set up an appointment with one of our insurance agents.

Gulf Coast Educators Insurance offers an array of financial products to help you save for your retirement. Please give us a call at any of our three offices to set up an appointment to review all of your retirement savings plan options. We look forward to helping you get and keep on track for a financially healthy retirement. Please call us today!

2014 IRA Contribution Deadline Is Looming!

The deadline to make an IRA contribution for the 2014 tax year is fast approaching!

Gulf Coast Educators Insurance wants to remind you that April 15th is the deadline to finish up your 2014 IRA contributions. If you do make a contribution between January 1st and April 15th of this year, then it is highly important to specify which year you want your contribution to be applied to. If you do not specify then your contribution will be applied to this year, 2015.

Gulf Coast Educators Insurance can help you with your contribution questions. An IRA is a form of investment where you set aside money for retirement on a tax-deferred basis. Our agents are highly experienced and can explain the different types and the benefits of each IRA. The different types available include: the Roth IRA, a traditional IRA, SEP, and Simple. Don’t go it alone! Our agents are here to help explain all of the ins and outs of each type of IRA available.

Our Southwest Florida insurance agents can help you decide which option of IRA’s will best suit your life style. The government does place limits on the amount of money that you can invest in your IRA each year. Our knowledgeable insurance agents can help you choose the best IRA option for you based on different factors such as when you want to withdraw the money, if you want to withdraw the money tax free and pay the taxes first or if you want to invest the money and pay the taxes when you withdraw from your IRA.

Investing in an IRA can be confusing. Our insurance agents are here to help sort out the benefits of each type of IRA. We are happy to help explain the different IRA options and are here to discuss your investment needs with you. We service all of Southwest Florida, our insurance agents in Naples, Ft. Myers and Port Charlotte are here to help. To reach our Naples insurance office, please call 239-591-0963. To schedule an appointment with our Port Charlotte insurance office, please call 941-391-5423. To contact our Fort Myers home insurance office, please call 239-997-0420. For more information about IRA’s click here for more on our website. We look forward to helping you with your investment options. Let us help tailor the perfect investment option for you. Please call us today!