Black Friday Auto Safety

The clock is ticking down to the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday!<.h1>

While many shoppers are writing out lists and planning their shopping strategy others are scheming on how to steal your newly purchased gifts. Gulf Coast Educators Insurance offers some auto safety tips during this holiday season:
• Park in well-lit areas
• Lock all of your doors and windows
• Place your newly purchased items in the trunk. If an item needs to go on a seat then make sure it is covered
• Don’t overload yourself with bags
• Be aware of your surroundings. Have your keys ready to open the door and don’t linger in your car after loading it.
• If you are dropping items in your car and then going back shopping, consider moving your car to a new location. Many thieves watch and simply break the windows on your car to retrieve the loot once you are back shopping.

Of course, there are also dangers while driving during Black Friday. Quite a few shoppers have been up for an extended period of time and are operating on minimal sleep. Tiredness and sleep deprivation can cause people to drive erratically. Don’t let the stress and exhaustion of the holiday get to you.

The National Retail Federation (NRF) found that 89 million people shopped on Black Friday. That is a lot of cars on the road and in the parking lots! Accidents happen because people are in a rush to get to the next bargain. Slow down and follow the speed limit. Eliminate distractions such as texting and talking on the phone while you are driving. Be on the lookout for pedestrians. People are rushing out of their cars to buy their gifts and often don’t use walkways. Shoppers have been known to dart in between cars and in front of traffic in order to get the deals. You don’t want to spend your shopping time involved in an accident.

When you are leaving the store be careful backing up. Many accidents occur when people back into another car. Make sure that you double check so that no one backs into your car. Your car could also be hit by another car while it is parked in the parking lot.

Gulf Coast Educators Insurance wants you to be safe during Black Friday and during all of your holiday shopping. Follow the tips above. If you do end up having an accident, then report it to the police and your insurance company. Gulf Coast Educators Insurance clients can call 239-591-0963 for the Naples office, 941-391-5423 for the Port Charlotte office, and 239-997-0420 for the Fort Myers office. Wishing you the best this holiday season!

Motorcycle Safety

Save On Your Motorcycle Insurance…Drive Carefully!

We insure plenty of motorcycles each year. We notice as people relax with their motorcycle and enjoy the beautiful Florida weather accidents do happen from minor fender benders to more serious problems. We encourage all motorcycle drivers and non-motorcycle drivers to exercise caution on the roads and watch out for motorcycles. There is nothing like the freedom of riding your motorcycle. However, because you are on a motorcycle you have less protection around you than when you are riding in a vehicle. Here are some motorcycle safety tips to share:

• Try and avoid bad weather
Rain makes the oil residue on the roads rise to the top, therefore, making the roads slicker and slippery. If you must drive in rain, reduce your speed and leave plenty of room between other vehicles

• Be visible
Make sure other drivers can see you by having your headlight on at all times. Wear reflective clothing or have reflective strips on your motorcycle. Be aware of driver’s blind spots.

• Wear safety gear
A helmet helps protect your head in the event of an accident. Long sleeves, long pants, gloves, and boots all help protect you in the event of a fall. The only thing between you and the pavement is the clothing that you are wearing.

• Watch for road hazards
Debris, potholes, and uneven pavement can all be a recipe for disaster. Be aware of the condition of the road.

• Drive defensively
Take responsibility for your safety around vehicles. Be aware of your surroundings. Leave plenty of space between you and the other vehicles. Never assume that a driver sees you. Avoid being distracted. No answering your phone or texts while driving. Don’t weave in and out of traffic.

Of course, make sure that you carry motorcycle insurance. Gulf Coast Educators Insurance can create a custom fit policy to meet all of your motorcycle insurance needs. For more information on what Gulf Coast Educators Insurance can offer you, please visit online at:

Auto Accidents

Make Sure You Know Exactly How To Handle An Auto Accident

Auto accidents are inevitable but they do happen unexpectedly. If you ever are involved in an accident you should know what exactly you should do.
The first thing you should do is call 911, whether you call or the over driver does someone needs to call. An official document needs to be made to prove who is liable for the accident or if you chose to file a personal injury lawsuit down the road. You should then gather the other driver’s information. The information you should find out is contact information, their auto insurers name and pAuto Accidentolicy number, license plate number, and the make, model, and color to the driver’s vehicle. Make sure you take pictures of your vehicle and the other driver’s vehicle to show the damage. You should also know exactly where the accident occurred; take a picture to better remind you later.
If you’re injured or the other driver calling 911 is a must! If you go to the hospital make sure you document all treatment you receive, include locations, names of doctors, addresses, and telephone numbers, tests they perform, and prescription information. This information will help you if you decide to file a personal injury lawsuit.
Next you should open a claim. You should file your claim as soon as possible. When you contact your insurance agency you should have your policy number and must be able to recall details of the accident. Setting up a claim will help you get your car repaired, some insurance agencies have specific places where your vehicle can be repaired and be covered.
Following these steps and having the correct information for your auto insurance agency will help you get through this unexpected collision more smoothly. If you need auto insurance call Gulf Coast Educators Insurance at 239-591-0963 we will be happy to serve you.