New Years Resolution

Have You Set Your New Year’s Resolutions Yet?

Happy New Year from the team at Gulf Coast Educators Insurance! We hope that you had a fabulous holiday season with friends and family. With the most wonderful time of the year in the rearview mirror, it is time to get excited about new possibilities. That is what the new year is all about: the opportunity to have more fun, accomplish what you have always wanted to, and achieve some of your goals. We are excited to help you do exactly that. While making your new year’s resolutions, here are a few things you should consider including:

Retirement Planning

The sooner you begin planning for retirement, the longer your money will have time to grow and the more comfortable you will be. Planning for retirement may seem daunting, and you may even feel like you do not have enough money to do it. In reality, most people can afford to start saving if they start small. We can show you how to do so, and even if that only means an extra $75 a month, your money will begin working for you. We can also review your current retirement plan, including your 403(b) Investment Plan to ensure that it is working for you to the maximum capacity.

When making your new year’s resolutions, you should always include your financial future because of how easily you can impact it with your decisions today. Failing to act is the worst thing you could do, since even small contributions toward retirement can add up to a great deal of money later on.

Protecting Your Family

Insurance allows you to protect your family financially from the disasters you could never anticipate or plan for. There is no way to tell if you will get into a car accident, but if you do, we can make sure you are covered fully. That way, your medical bills will be paid and your property restored. There is no way to tell if your home will be hit by a storm and flooded. Still, we can provide you with flood insurance that will repair your home, replace your belongings, and even pay for you to stay somewhere else temporarily. The types of coverage we offer is vast, so whether you own a home, car, truck, motorcycle, boat, or RV, we can make sure you have the right insurance coverage in place to provide for any necessary repairs or replacement.

Another way to protect your family is to buy a life insurance plan. One of your goals should be to ensure that your spouse and children could keep their lifestyle if you were no longer there to bring home a paycheck. Life insurance can do this for you. It can be there financially when you are no longer able to be.

Make 2016 an Amazing Year!

At Gulf Coast Educators Insurance, we hope you go out and accomplish all your goals this year. Simultaneously, our goal is to make sure you are protected in the process. Call us today to have your insurance policies reviewed or to discuss your retirement goals.