Thanksgiving Travel Safety Tips

Off To Grandma’s House You Go?

Are you heading out on the roads for Thanksgiving this year? Gas prices are low, the weather in Florida has been nice, and turkey dinner beckons. Gulf Coast Educators Insurance wants you to be safe while on the roadways this Thanksgiving. Here are a few tips on preparing for your road trip to “grandma’s house” this year.

•Prepare ahead of time. Map out the route in advance and factor in extra travel time due to the abundance of people driving by car for their turkey dinner
•Check your vehicle to make sure the tires are properly inflated, the car is oiled, the gas tank is full, and all maintenance tasks have been performed
•Stay safe by wearing your seat belt and have children in car seats
•Slow down and be prepared for delays
•Take frequent breaks and switch drivers if you need a rest
•Move over a lane for emergency vehicles (i.e. police) when traveling I-95, I-75, I-4 or other major multi-lane highways and interstates
•Don’t use cell phones or text while you are driving
•When you stop for a break, keep all valuables in the trunk or covered and lock your car when you leave it

Gulf Coast Educators Insurance wants you to have a very happy Thanksgiving. Obeying the rules of the road, maintaining your car, and being prepared for delays helps ease the stress of travel. Make sure that your car insurance is up to date and that you have enough coverage.

Gulf Coast Educators Insurance offers a variety of auto insurance products to Florida residents. Insurance policies can be obtained for cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV’s, campers and more. So no matter how you get to grandma’s house, be it on a motorcycle, car, or in a RV, Gulf Coast Educators Insurance will make sure that you have all of the auto insurance coverage that you need.

Auto insurance is necessary to protect you and your vehicle in the event of a car accident, theft of your vehicle, or vandalism to your vehicle. There are various policies available that offer different coverages and deductibles. To learn what policy works best for you, please contact us.

We offer 2 locations in southwest Florida to help with your auto insurance needs. Our knowledgeable and experienced insurance agents can help you review or obtain an auto insurance policy. To speak with an auto insurance agent at our Naples office, please call 239-591-0963, or for our Ft. Myers office please call 239-997-0420. We offer the best in auto insurance rates. Happy Thanksgiving!

Welcome Back To Florida

Gulf Coast Educators Insurance welcomes back snowbirds


Are you considered a snowbird? Do you own a home in Florida and one elsewhere that you retreat to in the Summer months?

Our team of home insurance agents offers tips for making sure both your homes are safe and secure, especially the home that will be vacant for the next few months.

When leaving your home to return to Florida, consider these things:

•Consider a home security system and arm it when you go
•Have the landscape maintained
•Have a trusted neighbor check on your home
•Forward the mail and stop newspaper delivery
•Unplug appliances that aren’t being used so they don’t drain energy
•Turn down the thermostat
•Turn off your water heater
•Turn off your water
•Consider installing a sump pump if you have a basement
•Don’t post plans on social media
•If you get snow consider hiring a plow company to keep your driveway maintained so your home looks lived in

The Sunshine state welcomes you back, now that you are back to your Florida residence you may want to review the following:
•Check the inside and outside of your home for any mishaps that may have occurred while you were gone (i.e. broken windows, water damage, tree limbs on your roof, etc.)
•Check for water spots
•Check for mold
•Check the roof for leaks
•Trim your bushes

The summer storms in Florida are a nuisance for homeowners. Water damage can be unreal especially if your home is near a lower lying area.

These are a sample of tips of what to do when leaving one home and returning to another for the winter. Gulf Coast Educators Insurance also encourages you to check your insurance policies. Do you need to update your auto insurance policy to cover driving in Florida? Does your home insurance need to be updated?

Gulf Coast Educators Insurance has experienced insurance agents available to help you with your insurance needs. Come in and have your policy reviewed. We have three convenient office locations available: Naples, Port Charlotte, and Fort Myers. To contact an insurance agent at our Naples location, please call 239-591-0963, for our Port Charlotte office call 941-391-5423 or in Fort Myers office call 239-997-0420.

Our team of seasoned agents can offer you the best homeowners insurance in Naples, Port Charlotte and Ft. Myers.

We look forward to helping you!