Auto Insurance, Drinking, Driving

Drinking and Driving Can Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates

With the July 4th holiday just around the corner the insurance agents at Gulf Coast Educators Insurance caution drivers to celebrate smart over July 4th. Your auto insurance policy can take a terrible hit if you get are cause an accident because you were under the influence of alcohol while driving.

Drunk drivers can cause accidents that can cost others their lives but the drunk driver can lose their driver’s license, gain points on their license and see a significant increase in their auto insurance rate. Insurance carriers can look at a driver who has been pulled over for drunk driving as a high risk and therefore may increase what you are paying for auto insurance.

On the flip side if you have had too many car accidents (whether you’re drunk or not) you may not be able to get car insurance. Wreck-less driving, driving while intoxicated, speeding, running stop signs and traffic lights can all be costly mistakes when it comes to your car insurance policy.

The auto insurance agents at Gulf Coast Educators Insurance encourage all drivers to be safe, stay alert, don’t text and do not get behind the wheel of your car if you have been excessively drinking. If you would like a competitive auto insurance quote we encourage you to call any of our Southwest Florida car insurance offices. We offer the best in auto insurance! We have offices in Naples, Port Charlotte and Ft. Myers, Florida. Contact us today for your free quote!

Vacation: Protect Your Home!

Home Safety For Vacationers

Summer is here and that means vacation for many families! Getting away to spend time with family or friends is always fun but returning to a home that has been burglarized is not. According to FBI statistics, July and August see an increase in home burglaries. Gulf Coast Educators Insurance offers these tips on keeping your home safe while you are away:

•Lock all doors and windows. Sounds basic but is often forgotten in the rush to leave for a trip
•Secure all sliding glass doors with a rod or wood in the track
•Unplug the automatic garage door so that thieves can’t use a universal remote to open it
•Don’t leave your garage door opener in your car(if your car is parked in the driveway)
•Make it appear you are home as much as possible by putting lights on timers, having your mail and papers picked up by a trusted neighbor, keeping your lawn maintained
•Make sure the outside of your home is well lit
•Don’t leave a spare key outside
•Don’t post about your trip on social media. If you do, this is like extending an open invitation to be robbed
•If you have a home security system, then arm it
•Consider having a trusted neighbor or friend come and check on your home to make sure everything is okay

Gulf Coast Educators Insurance offers the best homeowners insurance rates in Naples, Ft. Myers, and Port Charlotte. Our experienced and knowledgeable insurance agents are available to customize a homeowner’s insurance policy for you and your family.

If you already have a homeowners policy then consider having it reviewed to see if your needs have changed. We are happy to review your policy and see if you are fully covered. To schedule an appointment to review your policy, please contact our Naples office at 239-591-0963. To reach our Port Charlotte office, please call 941-391-5423. To speak with an agent at our Fort Myers office, please call 239-997-0420. Gulf Coast Educators Insurance wishes you a safe and happy vacation! Call us today for a policy review.