New Year – New Insurance Policy

3, 2, 1, Happy New Year!

Out with the old year and in with the new year. Now is a great time to review all of your insurance policies. Gulf Coast Educators Insurance can help you with all of your needs whatever they may be.

Do you need to update your homeowners insurance policy to cover new high ticket items that you received for the holidays? Did Santa bring you a new car, boat, motorcycle, golf cart, or RV? Did you experience a life changing event such as an engagement, wedding, or birth of a child? All of these items and events require different types of insurance policies.
Gulf Coast Educators Insurance offers many types of homeowners policies. Our agents highly recommend that all homeowners carry a homeowners/property policy. This policy might need to be updated due to the addition of costly electronic items. Our agents would be happy to review your policy with you and see if there any additions that need to be made.

We also offer condominium, renters, and flood insurance. If you moved over the holiday you will want to make sure that your new home is covered. If you are now renting an apartment, it is best to obtain renters insurance to protect yourself from loss or damage to your belongings. Rental coverage provides personal property protection, family liability protection, and additional living expenses. Gulf Coast Educators Insurance offers affordable rental insurance.

Were you lucky enough to receive a new car, boat, motorcycle, golf cart, or RV over the holidays? Gulf Coast Educators Insurance offers a variety of auto policies. If you are now the proud owner of a new (or used) car, motorcycle, or RV, it is essential to obtain the best auto insurance. We can help you obtain the right auto policy for you.
While everyone knows that autos and motorcycles need coverage, many people are unaware that you can also obtain coverage for boats and golf carts. In fact, we highly recommend that you do have insurance coverage for these vehicles.

Accidents can happen while boating but can also happen while toting your marine vessel behind your car. Gulf Coast Educators Insurance boating policies are offered for all types of boats such as cruisers, pontoon boats, and small run-abouts. Boat insurance offers peace of mind while in the water and while towing your boat.

Golf carts are popping up more and more in communities. While driving and riding a golf cart can be a fun method of transportation, it can also lead to accidents. The golf carts can flip over, run people, pets, or objects over. We recommend purchasing insurance to protect yourself from any claims that involve your golf cart.

Maybe you became engaged, got married, or welcomed a child into your home in the past year. All of these life events require an inventory of your current life insurance policy to make sure that you have adequate coverage.

Gulf Coast Educators Insurance would be happy to review your current policy and see if any adjustments need to be made. Gulf Coast Educators Insurance is here to help you with all of these life events. We invite you to contact any of our offices to consult with our experienced agents. You can reach our Naples office at 239-591-0963. For our Port Charlotte office, please call 941-391-5423. Our Ft. Myers agents are available at 239-997-0420. We look forward to helping you with all of your insurance needs. Please call us today and Happy New Year!

Best Home Insurance Safety Tips

Here Comes Santa Clause or not!

Christmas and Hanukkah are right around the corner. With all of the festivities come parties and family gatherings. Many of these events take place far from home. Do you know how to keep your home and your new “goodies and toys” safe from the Grinch? Gulf Coast Educators Insurance offers these tips on keeping your home and belongings safe this holiday season:

• Don’t advertise on social media that you will be gone for the holiday. Doing this just sends an open invitation for a burglar to rob you
• On the same note, be careful what pictures you post of your new presents. While the new big screen television is wonderful, posting a picture of you standing in front of it once again lets thieves know that you have worthwhile techie toys to steal
• Make sure you lock all of your doors and windows before leaving
• Have a neighbor pick up your mail and newspapers. Also, have the neighbor check on your home
• Invest in motion sensor lights to light up both the front and back of your home
• Break down all of your boxes before placing them in the trash or recycling bins. Thieves cruise up and down roads looking at trash/recycling to see what goodies await inside your home
• Keep your valuables out of sight. While displaying your beautifully decorated Christmas tree through the front window, be aware that thieves can also see your presents inside
• Make sure that your garage and sheds are secure
• Don’t leave any ladders near the house or outside. Thieves can use the ladder to climb into a window on the second floor of your home
• Don’t hide keys. Burglars know where to look.
• If you have an alarm system, arm it. Make sure that the neighbor checking your home has the code

If the unthinkable does happen and a thief breaks into your home, make sure to call the police, don’t touch anything, and call your insurance company. Gulf Coast Educator’s insurance is here for you. Our Naples customers can call us at: 239-591-0963. Our Port Charlotte clients can reach us at: 941-391-5423 and our Fort Myers office number is: 239-997-0420. Enjoy your holiday and use the tips above to keep your home and belongings safe and secure. We wish you and your family the happiest of the season!