Halloween Home Protection

Protect Your Home On Halloween

Will you be home on Halloween? Protect your investment and leave some lights on! Trick or treaters nationwide will hit neighborhoods for treats galore, will you answer your door? We have some tips for you if you choose not to participate and answer your door:

1) don’t leave your porch light on – usually this indicates that you are welcoming trick or treaters
2) do park a car in the driveway so it looks like somebody is home
3) leave interior lights on and television on so it appears people are home in the event you are not
4) if you do welcome trick or treaters be sure to keep your family pets inside, don’t let your dog(s) be the first to greet

One option is to sit in your driveway and greet your Halloween guests and pass out candy. Maybe make it a neighborhood affair!

One note of caution is if you have Halloween decor and any electrical decorations keep the cords away from where guests will walk. Avoid trip hazards! The holidays are coming fast and furious so take care and take proper safety measures to protect your home! If you need home insurance help or a free quote please feel free to contact one of our three insurance offices in Southwest Florida. All of our insurance agents can answer your questions and give you the best home insurance quote. Contact us today and let us protect your home!

Homeowners Insurance Policy Holder Tips

Are you a snowbird getting ready to pack up your northern home and head south? Here are some pointers on how to secure your northern home and prepare your southern home for your winter visit.

Before leaving your home up north, you should consider these things:
1)Establish a way of paying your bills (electronically, forwarding your mail, or automatic payments are all good options)

2)Have a neighbor or hire someone to periodically check on your home. Have them check to make sure that all is in order and that nothing has happened such as a broken pipe, leaking roof, or a break-in.

3)Make sure that your lawn/landscaping is maintained. Overgrown grass or piled up snow are a sure sign that your home is unoccupied. You don’t want to leave an open invitation to burglars.

4)Consider investing in an alarm system. Make sure that the alarm system is armed and that authorized people have the codes to disarm the system.

5)Have your mail forwarded to your southern locale.

6)Check your insurance policies. Do you need to update your policy to include your other home? Does your auto insurance policy need to be altered to include the extended miles that you will be traveling?

7) Before you leave your northern home check your exterior lighting – do you have motion sensors? Do they look broken from the outside? A burglar will see this and know they don’t work, you could be a target

8) Check your roof before you leave your northern home – make sure gutters (if you have them) are secure and your roof is “intact” – no shingles are lifted. You could come home in the Spring to find that your roof is leaking.

9)After you have arrived at your other home away from home, make sure to double check and see if the condition of your southern home is still up to par. Are all of the windows and doors still locked? Are your belongings still there? Has there been any sign of burglary?

10)Make sure that there are no unwanted pests such as bugs, stinging insects, or termites in your home.

11)Check to see if you there are any signs of water damage. Do you see or smell any mold?

12)Have the roof checked to make sure that there are no leaks. Florida has experienced a very rainy season this past summer and it could have effected your roof.

If you notice any of the above mishaps, contact your insurance agent. These mishaps might be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. Our experienced insurance agents are ready to assist you with all of your homeowner’s insurance needs.

We offer three convenient locations in Southwest Florida. We have homeowners insurance offices in Naples, Ft. Myers, and Port Charlotte. You can contact us at any of our three offices. For Naples, please call: 239-591-0963. The Ft. Myers office can be reached at: 239-997-0420. To reach our Port Charlotte office, please call: 941-391-5423. We look forward to serving you!