Water Damage – Can You Claim It?

Do You Have Water Damage?

If you think you have water damage whether it be inside your home or an outbuilding on your property it’s best to have an insurance adjuster come take a look. The problem with the Florida storms is that Summer after Summer our strong rain storms can eventually lead to water damage and rotten wood if not caught early enough.

So many homeowners get really excited once we make it out of hurricane season unscathed that they don’t inspect their home or outbuildings (garages, barns, pole barns, etc.) for water and wind damage. Even if it’s a quiet hurricane season it’s still a great idea to take a look and see if you notice any leaks or water damage to your structures.

Insurance companies are always happy to send out an adjuster to review a possible problem area. At Gulf Coast Educators Insurance we advise clients to call our office immediately if they notice any sign of damage. If left alone and not looked at homeowners could have bigger problems such as rotten wood, mold, mildew and leaks that can eventually affect the structure of the building in question.

We have seen shingle roofs with water damage where the driving rain leaked under the shingles and rotted the plywood underneath. After years of rainy Summers the roof line was affected. Don’t let this happen to you. Inspect your roof or hire a licensed and insured roofer to look at your roof. If you have water damage inside your home or other structures get an estimate from a contractor. Our homeowners insurance adjusters will review the damage report and discuss the next steps to getting you on your way with repairs. You want to make sure your structures stay secure and mold free.

Protecting Your Boat

How Is Your Boat Insurance Coverage?

Boating in Florida can be fun, entertaining and stressful especially if a hurricane is in the distance. Boat insurance is often overlooked by many boaters. Some take out the least amount of coverage on their boat thinking they won’t have a problem. Boat insurance can also protect your asset both in the water and out of the water. Storm damage is just one of the many reasons boat insurance is important.

Accidents and theft are other reasons having a good boat insurance policy is essential in protecting your vessel. Boating accidents happen when trailering, launching and while in the water. Holiday weekends heighten the risk. Every year we have clients who unfortunately have to make a claim because their boat was in a “fender bender” on the water or they ran their boat into rocks. The stories are endless, we have seen it all. Outside of accidents theft is also a problem for boaters. It happens all the time a boat sits in storage or is tied at a marina and the boat disappears. An insurance policy on your boat will protect you from these instances.

Another type of theft can happen if you go to sell your boat. Some people have fallen victim to boat traders where you leave your boat with a seller who sells other boats as well. In some cases a person’s boat has been sold without them even knowing it and the original owner still has the title to the boat! Yes this can happen so you want to ensure your boat is properly insured. If you do decide to have a boat dealer sell your boat be sure to get the agreement in writing, make sure you have insurance on your boat and check in with that dealer often to make sure your boat is still in his/her possession.

Some quick tips for you if you are in harms way and a hurricane is coming towards you….

1) if you take your boat out of the water chain it to the trailer

2) anchor your boat in the trailer and use stakes in the ground to help keep your boat from lifting off the trailer

3) put a lock on your trailer if you can’t keep the boat and trailer at your home (lock the hitch and wheels if you can)

4) leave your trailer hitched to your truck, this will be the safest way that nobody can drive off with it

5) if you do leave your boat docked and in the water – don’t put the canvas up it will most likely rip off

6) loosely tie your boat cleats to the dock – by this we mean leave slack in the lines to allow for the waves to come through….reinforce the cleats on your boat as well, check the screws

We wish you safety with your boat this hurricane season. Please take a few minutes and review your marine vessel insurance policy. It is important that you know what you have coverage on for your boat. For the best boat insurance coverage we invite you to call Gulf Coast Educators Insurance in Naples, Ft. Myers and Port Charlotte.