Homeowners Insurance Safety Tips While You Vacation

Save On Your Homeowners Insurance With Our Safety Tips For When You Travel

Home break-in’s can run rampant in the summer time especially during the day. Often the thieves are kids out of school on Summer vacation and don’t have much supervision. If you are traveling this Summer here are some quick tips to help protect your home and safeguard you from making a homeowners insurance claim:

1) Don’t post on social networks when you are leaving or when you are returning….and don’t post photos of you while on vacation, post when you return

2) Purchase bandit bars for sliding glass doors – these are adhesive and stick to the glass so an intruder cannot pry open the doors

3) Purchase a door bar – this bar fits under the doorknob on the inside of your door. Burglars will be unable to kick in your door

4) Motion sensor lights – have these on and make sure they work; replace any broken pieces to them

5) Don’t park vehicles near your house that they can block windows or sliding doors – park your vehicles and trailers away from your home so the house is totally in view

6) Stop your mail – an obvious one but usually forgotten

7) Place “beware of dog” signs around your property – it works!

We hope your home is secure this Summer while you travel. If you need help in reviewing your homeowners insurance policy please give us a call. We offer free home insurance reviews at any of our three locations. Call us today for help!

Have You Checked Your RV Insurance Policy?

Packing for that family vacation? Don’t forget to check your RV insurance policy before you leave!

School is soon getting out for many Floridians. Families will take to the roads this Summer and tow their RV’s, campers, 5th wheels and drive their Class A or Class C motorhome to destinations all over the United States. It’s exciting to pack the camper, buy the food and talk about your pending trip on social media but what most people forget to think about is their insurance policy. Your RV insurance policy is probably the most essential piece to your vacation.

Accidents can happen not just from the error of another driver but from that of you. So often we hear of family’s leaving for vacation and they stop to fill up for gas and on their way out of the gas station their RV gets caught up on a gas pump. This type of accident detains vacationers for hours and if you don’t have the right RV insurance coverage you might as well call it a day.

There are a variety of RV insurance policies available for trailers, campers, RV’s and boats. Some of the policies can also include roadside assistance. Another common “accident” is when drivers accidentally back their rig into a tree, a picnic table or post at the campsite. This can happen so easily especially in tight campgrounds where it’s tough to back in your rig or if you are arriving at night. At Gulf Coast Educators Insurance we encourage our clients to have a “spotter” in the back and if it’s at night have a flashlight handy. These are simple suggestions but you would be surprised as to how common it is for drivers to back their campers into inanimate objects!

Our camper insurance agents are here to help. We hope you will review your insurance policy on your camper, Class A, B or Class C motorhome before you hit the road this summer. No matter how often you use your rig be sure you know what’s covered. We invite you to call us at any of our three locations in Southwest Florida, we will review your policy with you at no additional cost. Happy Travels!