Lightning Can Cause Hundreds of Dollars in Damage

Lightning Is Dangerous To You And Your Home!

Thunderstorms and lightning are either loved or hated. Some people are scared to death at the first sight of lightning and thunder, either way thunderstorms can cause a lot of damage. When lightning hits the ground, a tree, or a building it does not strike straight down it spreads. Annually in America there are more than 20 million lightning strikes the actually hit the ground. $1 billon dollars in damage are reported each year to insurance companies, damage from lightning can be severe.
If lightning hits the your home or nearby power lines it could potentially destroy your property. Lightning can travel through wiring and phone lines which can ruin your computers, televisions, stereos, and other electronics. One way to safeguard those belonging is to unplug those electronics if you are expecting a thunderstorm. Sometimes if your install a surge protector it will help protect your electronics but if the lightning strike is a direct hit it will jump the surge protectors. Your insurance company may or may not cover these electronics if they are ruinlightninged by lightning, check with your insurance agent to see if you are covered. Lightning strikes are not just limited to direct lightning strikes on a building but can strike trees which then could split, falling through your roof. Be careful after a lightning storm avoid using landline phones if power lines are down; if your home gets hit by lightning during a storm call an electrician to inspect and repair your home.
Thunderstorms are dangerous and your home should be protected. If you need home owners insurance and live in the Naples, Florida area call Gulf Coast Educators Insurance at 239-591-0963.

Test your Tread, Do the Penny Test!

How To Do The Penny Test

The penny test works wonders. Have you ever wondered if your tires are to worn and if you should get new tire? Did you know there is a simple test that you can do at home to see if your need new tires? It is simple to do, let’s talk about how this test is done.

The old way to test your tires was by using a penny. Flip the penny testpenny over with Lincoln’s head down toward the tread. Next, you put the penny down between the grooves in your tire, if any of Lincoln’s head is missing your tire tread is less than 1/16’s of an inch and you should replace your tire. Lincolns head should be visible for your tires to be ok to drive on. This test is out dated now.

The new test suggests you use a quarter to test your tires, only because they say you should replace your tires at 2/16’s of an inch. It is exactly 2/16’s of an inch from the top of Washington’s head to the edge of the quarter. The new test is done the exact same way as the penny test. Flip the quarter down with Washington’s head downward and place the quarter between the tread. If any of Washington’s head is missing you should replace the tire because it is unsafe to drive on.

Why should you perform this test on your tires? You should perform this because it is dangerous to drive on worn tires. When your tires get worn down they lose performance and traction. Losing traction means you could hydroplane and cause harm to yourself or someone else. Check your tires and be safe on the road.


Those Little White Lies

Can Little White Lies Lower Your Insurance Rates?

Little white lies can lower your insurance rates; if you lie to lower your insurance rates you are not alone. These little white lies are called “premium leakage” to your insurance company. The reasons people lie are to save mcar insuranceoney, no correct answer on the insurance form, or they felt cheated by the company in the past. 10 percent of potential premiums from insurance companies are lost by drivers providing bad information. All the misinformation you provide adds up. During a study men were more likely to lie than women, 42 percent vs. 27 percent. Also, drivers under the age of 30 were more likely to lie about information provided than drivers over 50 years old. The top five things that drivers lied about during the study were annual mileage, where the car is parked, names of drivers with access to the vehicle, history of tickets or accidents, and gaps in insurance coverage.  People lie about where their car is parked at night because it lowers their rates. Some places have a higher crime rate than others. What happens if you get caught giving bad information? If you get caught in your little white lies your claim could be denied, your premium could go up, policy denied, or sued for fraud. Insurance company’s pull DMV reports and check all the information you submit to them, so you will get caught giving false information. If you are looking for auto insurance in the Naples, FL area  give Gulf Coast Educators a call at (239) 591-0963.


Drunk Driver’s are on the Rise

Your Car Will Know Your Drunk in the Future

One-third of fatal crashes are caused by alcohol and fatalities topped 10,000 in 2012 due to drunk drivers. More and more people today are driving while impaired. A conviction of driving under the influence can cause you to lose your driver license and make and car insurance more than double. One day in the near future you may not need to take your friends keys to keep them from driving, there are car will tell them if they are capabledrunk driving of driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently extended its agreement with automobile manufacturers to develop the Driver Alcohol Detection System. Two different types of technology are being worked on by researchers; they both would detect you blood-alcohol content through either touch or breathe. The technology would detect if you blood-alcohol level is above the legal limit of 0.08 percent. The system would be different from alcohol detecting interlock systems; systems like this are placed in people vehicles which are convicted of driving under the influence. With those types of systems you have to blow into a tube and if you are under the limit the vehicle will start. Researchers say that, “the new system must be accurate, unobtrusive, and completely reliable.” They also say that, “the aim is to stop a drunk driver from getting on the road in the first place, rather than arresting them after the fact, or worse yet, after a crash.” At the end of 2013 the program was extended for another five years. Mothers Against Drunk Drivers is one of the organizations helping to make the Driver Alcohol Detection System. Researchers estimate they will have a vehicle equip with both a touch based technology and breath based by 2015. Hopefully this system will prevent the fatal crashes that kill people every year.

A Home Inventory Check List

A Home Inventory Check List is important in the Case of Fire or Theft

A home inventory check list is very important. In the event of theft or fire your valuables should be in check. Did you know in 2011 there were 364,500 residential fires, which is almost 1,000 fires a day. The total loss is more than $6.65 billion. In the event of a fire in your home, an inventory check list would save a precious time and get your claim filed in a timely manner.

It would be almost impossible to figure out what is missing and destroyed in your home after a theft or fire. You would be stressed and in shock after the loss of your property and you might miss the most important items. If you make an inventory list of your home before anything happens you would have a complete list of everything in your home that is important to you.

It takes some time to make take proper inventory of your home. If you have never made an inventory list of your valuables it is easy and here is how. Use a video recorder and walk around your house, take a video of everything; get up close to everything of importance such as televisions or jewelry. Use the video to go back and take the inventory. Probably the easiest way to take down your inventory is to use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Take pictures of everything on your spreadsheet including all serial numbers and model numbers. If you receive a gift of value remember to update your spreadsheet so nothing is forgotten. Put the inventory spreadsheet in your email account or somewhere similar so no one can steal your information.

Start your inventory spreadsheet today. It will save you time and money if anything ever happens to your home.