Hurricane Tips

Get Prepared For Hurricane Season

Tips for Florida homeowners:

hurricane off florida coast

Our insurance agents hope home and property owners are vigilant this hurricane season and prepare before a storm hits.

Check out these hurricane safety tips to protecting your home or property from damage and total loss due to high winds, rain and power outage.

-Have spare gas cans filled with gas

-Test your generator – plug in your appliances, lights, etc. to be sure everything works the way you want it to

-Remove limbs and yard debris that could become missiles in the event of strong winds

-Clean gutters and look at your drainage areas be sure they are wide open

-Look at the sealants around your windows – do you need additional caulking?

-Review your roof shingles or tile – is anything loose or need repair?

-Do you have an evacuation plan? Where will your family and pets go?

-Get plastic containers with lids to secure important items

-Video the interior and exterior of your home or property for filing a claim after the storm passes

-Schedule a homeowner’s insurance policy review with our office prior to the storm to make sure you are covered

Our Florida insurance agents are available Monday – Friday to answer your questions and guide you through your insurance policy.